There is only truth in this world and universe. God, the creator who created this universe and earth came to us in flesh as a man in a moment in history. He lived as a man and had crucified on the cross and died for our sins. After 3 days of death, he resurrected and rose up into heaven. He became a life-giving spirit in all of us. Also, he will be coming down in the Millenium kingdom and New Jerusalem. This is absolute truth and yet not everyone is aware of it.

However, people who inhabit this earth live according to their religion, lifestyle, and beliefs. In this environment, our mission at Global Mission University is spreading the absolute truth of God. We also strive to understand in the love of Christ each individual’s religion, culture, and system. In addition, with charity of the Christ, we try to embrace and understand the diverse lifestyles on the planet.

In such times as ours, we must understand as well as train and educate the truth of God. We pray and try to do his mission on this earth is that his will be done as it is in heaven. In order to fulfill and facilitate this, we must spread the word – the proliferation of it is our aim!

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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

The Global Mission University rooted in Kernel General Assembles which was first established in 1985 in South California. For many years, Global Mission University has been dedicating our efforts to educating and cultivating stewards for the Church.

We have been growing and developing as an institution that fulfills such needs, however, changes in global circumstances and current trends demand an institution that can accommodate such change. Our mission has always been to be united as one with God in his absolute truth without any compromise, and to understand other religion as well as each individual’s beliefs, lifestyles, and culture with God’s grace and to become one with God. Our goal is to be united as one thus His will be done on the earth as it is in heaven. Thereby, it is our duty to accept our mission and develop, grow, and progress.

Recently, multiple teaching sites have been established; in Jeju and Daegu of Korea, in Southeastern Asia such as Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and in Central Asia such as Uzbekistan as well and in Central America such as Guatemala. At these sites, we have been continuously training and vigorously educating God’s people in mission. Since 2020, due to the worldwide pandemic by Covid-19, a new distance learning education system has been implemented. We will continue to develop as a university that educates and nurture God’s people who can be strong with God by being united with God through multiple changes that are occurring globally.  Finally, it is our utmost goal, as an institution, to fulfill God’s mission  which is symbolized in our institution’s emblem, a dove. We will dedicate and out all our efforts to fulfill the mission of our institution.

Dr. Tae Moon Park



Global Mission University maintains General Assemble of Kernel Church which consists of two committees as follows.

  • Missionary Committee (President Dr. Kyung Yong Shin, member: Dr. Tae Moon Park, Dr. Mihwa Kim, and Dr. Isaac Shin): Review the activity of the Pastor examination, ordination, and international missionary works.
  • Academic Committee (President Dr. Mihwa Kim, members: Dr. Kyung Yong Shin, Dr. Tae Moon Park, Dr. Sangwon Suh, and Dr. Isaac Shin): Review, assess the adequacy of value writing, and produce an article and journal. The publication may be registered to the Academic Society in South Korea upon the committee’s approval.