Global Mission University is in compliance with California Education Code (CEC) section 94874(e) set by the BPPE.

What is Our Mission?

There is only truth in this world and universe. God, the creator who created this universe and earth came to us in flesh as a man in a moment in history. He lived as a man and had crucified on the cross and died for our sins. After 3 days of death, he resurrected and rose up into heaven. He became a life-giving spirit in all of us. Also, he will be coming down in the Millenium kingdom and New Jerusalem. This is absolute truth and yet not everyone is aware of it.

However, people who inhabit this earth live according to their religion, lifestyle, and beliefs. In this environment, our mission at Global Mission University is spreading the absolute truth of God. We also strive to understand in the love of Christ each individual’s religion, culture, and system. In addition, with charity of the Christ, we try to embrace and understand the diverse lifestyles on the planet.

In such times as ours, we must understand as well as train and educate the truth of God. We pray and try to do his mission on this earth is that his will be done as it is in heaven. In order to fulfill and facilitate this, we must spread the word – the proliferation of it is our aim!

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